The First Sip

The Scotch – A diatribe on the political spectrum, with occasional interjections into the minutiae of life that make it tolerable.

This is the intent of The Scotch and here’s why I think you should read it:

Because you want an entertaining perspective on public policy, politicians and the campaigns that got them there — plus all the things that fascinate me.

Wait, that’s in the subtitle right? But why THE SCOTCH?

Because of my sharp wit and wry sense of humor! My experience and expertise informs the credibility of the commentary. I have over 15 years of professional political experience. I’ve run local and congressional political campaigns. My federal, state and local policy experience, along with working in government and public relations, gives me a vast background and unique perspective on policy and the politicians who champion it. I offer dynamic context to the political world around us.

Want to know why The Donald won’t go away? Have trouble understanding The Tea Party because you think they are fucked-up-crazy (yes, there will be swearing) and you don’t get why they are still a thing? Or why liberals get mired in romantic Sorkinian idealism (see Ralph Nader, Bernie Sanders, et al.)? I’ve worked at every level of government, for Republicans and Democrats, and in blue states and red states, and I want to write about it.

If you crave wry commentary and pithy observations on all things politics, this is the blog for you. I write about novel policy ideas that may have a chance to help people and the bat shit crazy piece of legislation that won’t. I explore unique campaign and messaging tactics from the school board to the Presidency. No issue will be out of bounds, although I tend to focus on issues of sustainability, secularism, education and healthcare.

But this isn’t only about politics. As you can interpret from the subtitle, I have eclectic interests. I’m an avid hiker. I’ve explored several national parks and reached the summit of a few ’14ers, including the tallest peak in the continental United States. I’ll update you on my latest trek with captivating photos, and I’ll give you advice on what gear you need, where to stay, and the best food choices around your destination hike. Think of it like a consolidated space for some expert #hikerchat.

I watch a shit ton of sports. Baseball, specifically the Dodgers is my favorite, but I love watching (and betting) on all the sports ball (and puck). I like to think of myself (kindly) as a degenerate gambler. And, as a retired curler, I obsessively watch curling… even though I haven’t found a way to gamble on it (working on this). For the big sports story of the day, last night’s amazing game, the upcoming match, or sound betting advice (entertainment purposes only), I got you covered.

If I can’t write as much as I want, it is probably because I’m in the middle of a poker tournament. It’s a passion. I read the books and am always willing to talk about a hand or a scenario to try and improve my game. I played in one World Series of Poker event in 2015 and hope 2016 allows me a few more. I love to yell at muppets calling down their three outer to the river and then cracking my pocket aces (if you aren’t a poker player, this means me acting like a 7 year old when I lose). <Sigh>… process over results, process over results.

Cooking is a hobby, and I’m always looking for a “Chopped Challenge.” I love a good beer (IPA) and a better scotch. I’ll share the good and the not so good of both. I’m not the most avid teevee or movie watcher (if only I could focus on new shows instead of obsessing over How I Met Your Mother reruns), but I’ll be more than happy to give you my take on the new Star Wars or why you should stop watching House of Cards. Like now…. Stop watching! I don’t know why Kevin Spacey is doing this to us!

Finally, I’ll comment on the day-to-day complexities I find absolutely vapid, such as double spaces after periods, walking on the wrong side of a sidewalk (we live in a society with rules people) or whatever else is irking me in the moment.

That’s it, right?

For now–but there’s always a “what’s next?” Got a question? Ask. Got a comment? Make it. Please subscribe and share widely and I hope you find this…



One comment

  1. So, when can we expect some analysis on the Trump phenomena? How is he doing it? Will he win the nomination? The White House? The Scotch’s heart?


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