The 2017 WFG Continental Cup cont…

Follow the Scotch during the WFG Continental Cup all weekend as I live blog during the event.

Team North America (NA) kept their lead in the Continental Cup at two points in the Friday night draw. Team NA won one and had an unexpected tie to keep their lead at 10-8 in this Ryder Cup scoring system.

The full Canadian teams representing NA (NA in Vegas is wrong) of Koe (full point win) and Jones (tie and half point) kept the mostly Canadian crowd happy. A good thing – because if you’re a fan and escaping Canadian winter to spend your time in an ice arena in Vegas, your teams better not disappoint. They didn’t. Even though Jones tied their match she was on point and didn’t take her long to get her feel and get the crowd booming with every made shot. There are many young, up-and-coming Canadian women’s teams around, and Jones ain’t old, but even with a last shot miss, she still knows how to excite a crowd

The only team that dropped a point for Team NA were the Americans, with Canadian Heater McCormick skipping. They had chances versus Norwegians who are still wearing god awful pants.


Side note: I get and appreciate branding.This pants thing has been
a thing for Ulsrud’s bunch since when – Vancouver Olympics? It’s distracting and I’m not a fan. But when you make that many shots and win world titles, I guess you get to wear whatever you want… And of course it’s Vegas, I’ll see a lot worse this weekend.

 The American’s had a chance in every end. They couldn’t capitalize on mistakes and turn good ends into points. There were obviously some key misses on the back end as they were just a bit off. They can definitely play with this team though and while those shots missed in the middle ends will probably haunt them they are in the perfect place to blow off a loss like this. Hard to dwell on a loss too long when there’s a craps table that will gladly take all your sorrows (and money) away.

Glad to be here at the Cup – will be back tomorrow (depending on Vegas things) to cover more for


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