The Continental Cup Continued..

Fun third end across all the sheets. Team Koe for Team North America pulled off a successful sneeze and the crowd erupted. They also stole one for a 3-1 lead.

Team Jones, also representing North America, made a tricky hit and picked out a Team Hasselborg stone to get her 1 and take a 3-1 lead.

Heath (Heater) McCormick of the Canadian led American team of North America missed his last two shots to give up what looked like a promising end turn into a steal for the FancyPants Team Ulsrud to tie that match 2-2. Heater can’t find his touch on the draws just yet.

Don’t worry Heater, not the first to go on a “cooler” in Vegas. Speaking of which, I should probably make my house payment during the 4th end break and the poker tables open up.



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