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The 2017 WFG Continental Cup cont..

The skins matches are underway at the WFG Continental Cup and another full crowd is here at the Orleans despite missing a few Packer fans.

Team North America’s lead heading into this final day seems insurmountable but don’t tell that to the mostly European Team World supporters. They remember the “Meltdown at Medina” and are hoping for the curling equivalent upset. Fortunately for the North American’s there isn’t really a disastrous alliterative term I can think of that works with Vegas.

However, much to the liking of TSN and the Orleans ticket gate there is still plenty to play for. Pride is always good, especially with so many fans still cheering (sans Packer fans). But more importantly each game and end has some cash money tied to it which could seem pretty useful if you curl for a living and spending  your last night in Vegas.



The 2017 WFG Continental Cup cont..

The Scotch is back  for the 9:00 a.m. draw of the Continental Cup.



Everyone else seemed to survive the Friday night/morning in Vegas. It’s not as bouncy as last night and the lines for the bloody’s and coffee were 20 deep each, but the athletes are interacting with the crowd and they are playing along, cheering and giggling  with their every antic.

I’d give you score  and shot updates but I don’t understand this strange hybrid of a game that is mixed doubles curling. But it’s 10:30 a.m in Vegas, a perfect time to slot this format and it’s still kind of curling.


The 2017 WFG Continental Cup cont…

Follow the Scotch during the WFG Continental Cup all weekend as I live blog during the event.

Team North America (NA) kept their lead in the Continental Cup at two points in the Friday night draw. Team NA won one and had an unexpected tie to keep their lead at 10-8 in this Ryder Cup scoring system.

The full Canadian teams representing NA (NA in Vegas is wrong) of Koe (full point win) and Jones (tie and half point) kept the mostly Canadian crowd happy. A good thing – because if you’re a fan and escaping Canadian winter to spend your time in an ice arena in Vegas, your teams better not disappoint. They didn’t. Even though Jones tied their match she was on point and didn’t take her long to get her feel and get the crowd booming with every made shot. There are many young, up-and-coming Canadian women’s teams around, and Jones ain’t old, but even with a last shot miss, she still knows how to excite a crowd

The only team that dropped a point for Team NA were the Americans, with Canadian Heater McCormick skipping. They had chances versus Norwegians who are still wearing god awful pants.


Side note: I get and appreciate branding.This pants thing has been
a thing for Ulsrud’s bunch since when – Vancouver Olympics? It’s distracting and I’m not a fan. But when you make that many shots and win world titles, I guess you get to wear whatever you want… And of course it’s Vegas, I’ll see a lot worse this weekend.

 The American’s had a chance in every end. They couldn’t capitalize on mistakes and turn good ends into points. There were obviously some key misses on the back end as they were just a bit off. They can definitely play with this team though and while those shots missed in the middle ends will probably haunt them they are in the perfect place to blow off a loss like this. Hard to dwell on a loss too long when there’s a craps table that will gladly take all your sorrows (and money) away.

Glad to be here at the Cup – will be back tomorrow (depending on Vegas things) to cover more for

The 2017 WFG Continental Cup Cont..

Follow the Scotch during the WFG Continental Cup all weekend as I live blog at the event.

While the cup is mostly a freindly (futbol term) competition, you couldn’t tell it from the intensity of both the players and the fans. The crowd is full. They’re definitely enjoying the amenities of watching curling in Vegas but still invested in every shot.

The players, while smiling and taking in the moment, are out here to win and make big shots. They are also pretty pissed when they miss. There have even been a couple of broom slams and the Scotch loves a good broom slam!


It’s a great atmosphere to watch curling on a Friday night. There is no other place in Vegas anyone should want to be.


The Continental Cup Continued..

Fun third end across all the sheets. Team Koe for Team North America pulled off a successful sneeze and the crowd erupted. They also stole one for a 3-1 lead.

Team Jones, also representing North America, made a tricky hit and picked out a Team Hasselborg stone to get her 1 and take a 3-1 lead.

Heath (Heater) McCormick of the Canadian led American team of North America missed his last two shots to give up what looked like a promising end turn into a steal for the FancyPants Team Ulsrud to tie that match 2-2. Heater can’t find his touch on the draws just yet.

Don’t worry Heater, not the first to go on a “cooler” in Vegas. Speaking of which, I should probably make my house payment during the 4th end break and the poker tables open up.


The 2017 WFG Continental Cup – Las Vegas

The Scotch will be live blogging at the 2017 WFG Continental Cup of Curling in my favorite city, Las Vegas, NV.

The arena is mostly full and quite boisterous. They are loudly cheering any time a Canadian makes a good shot, a decent shot, a half shot or if they don’t fall down when they slide.

The Scotch is ice level for the 6:30 p.m (local time) draw. I’m keeping a keen eye on Team McCormick – a Canadian, who skips an American High Performance Team (currently representing  Team North America) vs Team Ulsrud of Norway. The Americans are off to an early 2-1 lead as they will have the hammer playing the third end.

Continued Good Curling – I got here a bit late, but will be blogging for the rest of the weekend, or as much as Vegas allows.