The Presidency

I started my paid professional career working for a Republican legislator from Fairbanks, AK. I respect him for his commitment to study the issues and the work he gave to his constituents ever day. I remember the time I put in to preparing briefing notes for every bill that came before him that came before committees. He read them. He asked questions. He took the time to see how policy proposals would affect his constituents and the State of Alaska. I did not agree with every vote or comment he took or made. However, I found great pride that I was working for someone who took the time to analyze the issues and understand the nuance of the problems facing his constituents.
I have no clue how this Republican I used to work (way too long ago) for feels about the current presidential election, nor will I ask. However, I have taken my experience to realize that our next President needs to study the complexity of issues, listen to the smartest minds in their field, gets the history of our county and makes difficult decisions while thinking about human consequences of their actions.
After watching the most recent debate, and paying very close attention to the diatribe of this election, Mr. Trump ain’t a thinker, a study nor does he have any understanding of the issues affecting his potential constituents.
People holding public office should understand the nuance of policy and be willing to learn the issues facing them when making the most crucial decisions while sitting in the oval office.It’s pretty evident from these debates (ask his former staff) that Mr. Trump doesn’t have the attention span or the ability to learn and comprehend the immense issues facing the next President of the United States.